New Products

1250 Gallon Ledge Tank: New Hampshire designers and installers take note! We now have a 1250 Gallon Low boy/Ledge tank available in a single or double compartment that meets all New Hampshire Codes!

Type “f” Catch Basins
We now stock mini catch basins that have 2’ X 2’ inside dimensions and are available in any height up to 6 feet. Used for road drainage, gutter grains, floor drains, small yard catch basins etc..


Bulkhead Steps


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Bulkhead Type-B




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Bulkhead Type-C




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Pepin Precast Freestanding Walls:
Newest addition to our LOC BLOCK product line, freestanding wall blocks are textured on both sides which allows the wall to be higher than the grade of the ground and still look attractive from every angle. By most building codes a railing or fence is required on any wall over 4 feet high. Using a freestanding wall block not only eliminates the need for this fence, but also provides a nice, flat surface that can be used for a bench or table!


2,500 Gallon Heavy Duty Single or double compartment tank:
Our now largest tank available: the Pepin Precast 2,500 gallon tank is available in either a single compartment tank or a 1,500/1000 gallon combination tank.  This tank is designed for HS-20 loading.


Precast Window Wells:
42’’ O.D. X 24’’ tall with custom heights available. Used to create a half moon opening in front of basement windows.


Transformer Pads and Pull Boxes

Transformer Pads – We now carry a full line of single and triple phase transformer pads, pull boxes, meter pits, and hand holes made to both CMP and PSNH specifications. Custom Sizes are available upon request.

We stock the following items:  

  • Single Phase Transformer pads
  • Single Phase T.P. Cover
  • PSNH Single Phase
  • Three Phase 108’’X108’’X60’’

Meter Pits and Hand Holes
Hand Hole 4’ L x 4’ W x 4’ H
Hand Hole 2’ Sq Inside x 3’ H
Hand Hole 1’ Sq Inside x 2’ H
Splice Box 4’ L x 6’ W x 4’ H


OxyPro - Advanced Wastewater System